Imants Ziedonis (1933-2013)

One of the most outstanding and still popular Latvian poets, publicist, author of short prose works and epiphanies, cultural and social activist. Has gained prominence both by his literary works, which have had effect and initiated changes in the Latvian society during the Soviet era, and by his unusual and strong personality as well. His works were well known both in the territory of the former Soviet Union and among the exiled Latvians in America, Canada, Sweden, Australia and elsewhere in the world.

The website brings together several initiatives and organizations related to the ideas and values, cherished by to the poet Imants Ziedonis. Different sections of the website provide introduction to the material and non-material cultural heritage left behind by Imants Ziedonis. This is related to creativity, the Latvian spirit, the exploration of oneself and the world.


Foundation of Imants Ziedois „Viegli” (Lightly)
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